Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sexy Men in Power

Daniel Fernando (left) in the
poster of "Macho Dancer"
 The recent elections has brought two sexy men from showbiz to important local governemnt positions. First is Daniel Fernando as vice governor of Bulacan and second is re-elected Manila vice mayor Isko Moreno.

Daniel Fernando is famous in the 80's for his bold performance (exhibition of erect penis and masturbation) in what for me is the sexiest classic Filipino film Scorpio Nights megged by Peque Gallaga.

Meanwhile, Isko Moreno went through the sexy route in his showbiz career appearing in small, boldie films showing his wet crotch and all. He was also rumored to be one of the favored "boylets" of popular gay starmaker.
Isko Moreno

What's interesting here is that despite of their showbiz careers that will never be praised by the Catholic church, they were able to win the trust of their constituents probably because of they are capable of becoming good public servants.

So to all the hunks out there who are afraid of the social implications of going naked in front of the camera or the stigma of  being involved with another gay man, these experiences will never stop you from winning the public trust in case you'd like a political career in the future. And for this reason, I just love this country more!


Anonymous said...

sarap ni vice! bakat na bakat!

efrenefren said...

don't forget Alfred Vargas