Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beware of QC Rent Boys

image of Quezon City Memorial Circle

Two of my friends have become victims of Rent Boys (kolboys) lurking outside the Quezon City Memorial Circle who have police friends who routinely intimidate gay clients to cough up extorsion money from pitifully frightened gay men.

I'm publishing an email from which I have picked up from a yahoo group. For your guidance, in the Philippines, Rent Boys are more popularly known as "Call Boys".

This email has been published unedited by the blog author.


this is a story of picking up a call boy at QC circle.

i drove around qc circle 2am. i actually just want to see the faces of call boys. when i parked my car on the side, a call boy came to my car. he talk to me that he would give me satisfaction without regrets. he was so kulit so i let him in.

i noticed that he was texting someone and he told me that it was his gf. i did not know any motels around, so he gave me choices either in cubao, visayas or commonwealth. i chose commonwealth and he lead me the way.

we entered the room and had a very short fun.

when we just left the motel, a police patrol car tried to overtake my car. a flashlight was pointed to me while driving and i was signaled to park on the side. i did not know what violation i made. the police talked to me and asked if i had a gun or anything. then, the other police knocked on the right side of the car. he said the the guy beside me was a call boy who was always spotted at circle. the call boy went out of the car and was accompanied by the police.

the 2 police came inside my car and told me that there has been a city ordinance that outlaws picking up of call boys. they told me that they would bring me to a police station for charges. they also told me that the police record will be permanent. since i do not want to have a police record, i offered them P3,000 but they wanted P5,000, so I gave this amount to them and allowed me to go.

when i was on my way home, i realized that the call boy might actually be associated with the police. everything might have been planned and scripted between the call boy and the police. the call boy might have been texting with the police all along, that's why when we went out of the motel, my car was immediately spotted. there was no reason for the police to point the flashlight to my car. i was just driving straight and there was no unusual in my driving.

fuck those police! they may go to hell.

Here are some safety tips from on what to do just in case this happens to you:

(1) Ask, respectfully, for the name of the policeman. Get his badge number.
(2) Ask what particular ordinance you violated.
(3) DO NOT get out of the car without locking all the doors.*
(4) DO NOT open the trunk unless you open it yourself (if possible use your camera phone to videotape you opening the trunk)*
(5) It might be best to just allow yourself to be brought to the police station because again they will be forced to let you go as there is NO ordinance nor did you break any law.
(6) DO NOT be intimidated by these guys.

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email from: puri_titiwang_presents yahoo group


J said...

the same thing happened to me. so totoo bang walang ordinance about it? the thought of what happened and what else could have happened still gives me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

gosh.. it happened to me just recently. they got my 3 phones and 4k pesos. i hate them!

Anonymous said...

something similar happened to me too...

we should do something about this.

with all due respects, following the advise given here is easier said than done, especially at 5 a.m., and when one (me) is nursing a hangover from some binging of alcohol the night before.

Anonymous said...

oh wow... i'm glad i found your article. it just happened i remembered that crazy night and tried to google it coz' i wanted this thing to report if it's still happening in QC Circle. My story, this happened last year of august, me and my barkada (1guy, 3girls and 1 gay), just goofing inside my car. My gay friend told me while passing the QC Circle around 2-3am,that he saw a cute guy and he thinks he's a call boy. To make my story short, we tried to ask the guy how much he cost... but for the reason of just for a talk about his profession. We said we only have 150pesos, then he said "OK na ako sa 200". So, we agreed. We went to Mcdo and we ate there while chatting with him (everything bout his being a callboy). Then afterwards, he told us that we should drop him where we picked him up. So, while we were in QC Circle, a police patrol car was there. They tried us to stop the car and he said we have inside the car who's a call boy that they've been hunting for a long time.. Then the police officer said we should go to their station because of (i forgot the case he was telling us we violated). It was some kind of patronizing that kind of thing. We said we didn't DO that thing, we said we just talk with him... Then he said someone should go to talk with him. So, one of my girl friend talked with him and he asked for 3,000, for us to go. We said, we don't have that money coz' we're still students... So, our guy friend was the one who went there since we're all girls and a gay. The police officer agreed for 500 pesos because of our guy friend is handsome (tpolice officer kinda' flirted with him, duh!)... We think bading din siguro yung' pulis... (syota nya yung' callboy) Kainis! The truth is we were really SCARED to death at that time... and still... until now, i know my friends are. So, i hope it should be stop... Paging! XXX, Imbestigador or Isumbong mo kay Tulfo... We had photos with him in Mcdo but due to my friend who had it, erased it all coz' she was really scared. But, i'm lucky i still have one photo of the callboy. He sent it via bluetooth, it was his picture while he was working as a hotel room boy. I think this photo will make as an evidence... ;)

Anonymous said...

It happened to me as well. I've noticed that he is(the callboy) texting a lot and asking many questions like where we are now? what place is this again? and proceeded to text further. The son of b#@%^ call boy was so insisting that I should transport him back to were I fetched him because his new in town and its the first time he's doing it blahblahblah (Obviously I can tell his lying after our session), I offered him 100 bucks to just take a cab but he refused so I was obliged to give him a lift back. Out of the blue a police car appeared and stopped my car. The cops were polite at first but they've begin issuing treats like this is a violation and they need to take me in and lock me up for six months or so. They've threatened me more and offered to release me for P20,000.00, of course it was a ridiculous amount so I tried to negotiate but I could only bring their price down to P15,000, those bastards also nearly took my laptop and my cellphone, luckily Ive outwitted them at that particular point somehow. I hate those guys! i hope they burn in hell!


That happened to me last year too. After picking up a call boy in QC Circle we made out in pasig near my place. Then when we were done he asked me to bring him back to QC so I did I noticed he kept texting and when I asked him to give e his cell he kept delaying while texting. When we reached Kamuning he told me to park on the side so he can take off. A police car wang wanged and tried to block my way. I was terrified and managed to escape by driving fast heading edsa. The call boy was still in my car but still texting. Immediately I figured him out and said to him, : sinet up mo ako no?" Baket? and he couldn't say a word. I drove so fast he was scared we might get into an accident. He said : ok na tama na baka maaksidente pa tayo." I was probably driving at 120 kph. At a nearby gas station I parked quickly and pushed him out of my car. He asked for an extra P500 so to let him go I quickly gave it to him. When I reached Greenhills I noticed the police car was catching up so I steped on the gas some more and managed to park in an establishment and quickly switched off. he police car passed by me so fast but they did not see me parked. When the coast was clear I drove back to pasig where I lived. I was shaken by the experience. And never went back again. I learned my lesson well.

Anonymous said...

wow. thank god i spotted this article. this crazy thing just happened to me last night too, and 'till now, i am freaked out by it. same scenarios: cb texting, he asked me to drop him off where i picked him up then all of a sudden, policemen flashed their lights into my car. when we pulled over, they threatened me that i violated some sort of ordinance and i'll be jailed for sometime. then the police told me: 'matutulungan ka naman namin eh, depende lang sayo." we negotiated and they got 3500 out of my student pocket. fuck them.

i have two questions though: was there really an ordinance violated? and, what happened to you guys after the experience? i mean were you summoned to some sort of court or police station?

until now, i can't stop thinking about the experience--paranoia! since i don't want people to know about this, especially my parents. please help.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Siguro ako pinaka tanga sa inyong lahat. Ive heard these stories, actually I read them here yet because of my urge for adventure I went there not for sex but a good conversation (what for) sabihin nalng natin im trying to understand my urges rather than give in to it. And thats when the down hill starts. He asked me if we can sit somewhere for a good talk, we did and twas a good conversation pinakain ko pa xa tas ang gago nag hihintay lang para ng romorondang pulis para maka set up. They took my phone and my fossil watch kasi wala ako pera dala. I was able to haggle with those two items while keeping my kindle and other stuff. Im not after sex, pero ang swabe nang pagkakagawa nila negosyong negosyo ang dating. I got the adventure that im looking for, in the expense of my damn watch and phone pero i really felt bad that I treat him good at yun yung gagawin nya. - Guys lets post this sa tweeter or fb page ng mga investigative journalism baka gusto nila gawan ng documentary though i wont seek justice kasi kasalanan ko naman and I take full responsibility sa nangyari -

Anonymous said...

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G said...

Nangyari na samin to 4 years ago. Magpapamassage sana kame ng friend ko, tapos on our way dumaan kame sa circle para i-check kung may gwapong call boy. Paikot ikot lang kame tapos may mga nakatambay dun sa may bank BDO ata. Nagpark kame dun tapos may lumapit natipuhan ng friend ko. So sinakay na namin tapos ung isa tinanggihan ko kasi d ko type. During that conversation may narinig ako na usapan "Kanina ung bading na nasa taxi sana pinahuli ko na lang." Di ko na lang pinansin un akala ko wala lang. So umalis na kame para maghanap naman ng para sakin. Maya maya sabi ng callboy sa likod, may pulis sumusunod. Tapos hinabol kame then sabay flashlight sa amin. Pinatabi ung sasakyan tapos pinalabas ung friend ko. Ung callboy lumipat dun sa patrol car, then ung isang police sya ang nagdrive ng kotse. Ung patrol naman nakasunod lang. Dinala kame kung saan saan, tapos may nilabag daw kameng batas "Patronizing prostitution" 80k daw ang pyansa nun pede daw kung magwithdraw na kame para daw makaalis na. Pinipilit nya kame magbayad nakuhaan kame ng 5k. Sobrang nakakatakot nangyari samin. Ang callboys at police magkasabwat sana maimbestigador to or xxx para naman makabawi sa mga pinag gagawa nilang pamemera sa amin. Magtulungan tayo gumawa tayo ng hakbang laban dyan.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and those police.

Anonymous said...

this just happened to me. kaya pala text ng text yung CB. at parang nung bumaba kami ng car, i saw him look at my plate number. ang walang hiyang yun, sinabihan pa ako ng INGAT KA MARAMING TARANTADO DYAN NA HINOHOLD-UP ANG CLIENTE. eh ang pagseset-up sa akin ay parang panghohold-up na rin.

nung hinarang na ako ng mga police, nakatakas ako at nagdrive ng sobrang bilis na akala ko mamamatay na ako. nakatakas naman ako pero natatakot pa rin ako. paano kung hanapin nila ang plate number ko? at puntahan nila ako dito sa bahay ko?

Anonymous said...

this just happened to me. kaya pala nung bumaba kami ng car ko nung CB, parang nakita ko siyang tiningnan ang plate number ng kotse ko. tapos may ka-text. kaibigan daw nya. basta nung natapos na kami at lahat. ihatid ko raw siya sa kung saan ko siya pinick up. tinanong pa nya kung ilang beses ko na yun ginawa. at sabi niya ingat daw ako dahil marami rin daw gago dyan na naghohold up.

nung binaba ko na siya, bigla na lang may dumating na mga police na nagflash ng ilaw sa akin. bawal daw ginawa ko. naka-ronda na raw plate number ko. so ayun. tinakbuhan ko. i drove as fast as i can. sobrang bilis na nakatakas talaga ako.

sigurado ako na mageextort lang yung mga yun sa akin ng pera. dapat sa kanila sunugin lahat!

modus operandi na pala nila ito. dapat may gawin na tungkol dito. kung wala namang ordinance na vina-violate, dapat may magawa na.

ang kinakatakot ko ngayon kung hahanapin pa nila ulit ako sa mga susunod na araw. alam na nila ang plate number ko.

PINOY INSIDER - ikaw ba hindi ka nila inistorbo after that night na nakatakas ka rin?

nalulungkot ako sa mga nabasa kong cases na ito tungkol sa ating mga experiences sa mga walang hiyang police at mga ka-kuntsaba nilang mga CBs. it's so sad that these people capitalize on our weaknesses and our sexual urges as gay guys.

siguro dapat simulan na rin nating tigilan ang ganitong paghahanap ng aliw. mahirap man gawin, kailangan proteksyunan na natin ang ating mga sarili.

siguro dapat talaga ma-report na ito.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OMG! This is still happening???!!! I still have the photo of that bastard callboy! This should be reported, guys!

Anonymous said...

post the picture and expose them. we should put a stop on these dirty police.

Anonymous said...

nangyari na din ito sa akin. i like picking up callboys but not anymore in quezon city circle. i am balikbayan with dual citizenship. i re report pa daw nila ako sa embassy where i am living.

they brought me sa may kamias. maliit na police station. yuong callboy ay taga bacolod or iloilo ata. he was texting nuong nasa hotel na kami.

100% na magkakasama silang lahat.

lesson: kung mag pick up ka ng callboy. tell them not to use any mobile phones (texting or call somebody) pag maraming excuses! iwanan mo!

hay, ang daming manloloko para lang kumita ng pera.

Anonymous said...

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