Sunday, July 11, 2010

Loose Briefs

A good looking hunk was changing beside my locker at the gym. He had a chiseled body and the face of an adonis. But he was wearing a loose, old underwear that didn't look right for a hot guy like him.

My mind was playfully scouting for a pick up line.

"Excuse me sir, gusto mo bang pasikipin ko ang brief mo?" (excuse me, would you like me to tighten your briefs for you?)

But I chose to remain silent not wanting to piss him off.


Melanie said...

Hahaha... For me, mas sexy ang old and bacon like briefs... yung tipong lumuwang sa kalumaan... =)

Snakey's Confessions said...

that would have been a great pick-up line...hahahahah... id really want to hear that,,, and then again, if i may, can i borrow that ingenious line? heheheh

Anonymous said...

funny... hehehe i saw you lastsaturday afternoon at sm megamall... hehehe

Anonymous said...

WHAT HURTS MORE...someone to swear on you in Tagalog or English?

50% probability, the situation you mentioned (or created) definitely will invite a negative response, up to the point that nasty words (@#$%^&*()_+) being thrown back at you.

Lex, you are a mature, educated, decent young man. i salute you for keeping your silence.

John said...

baka un lang ang soot nya pagnaggigym... loose... pang akit ba... madali kasing ipakita pagloose. lol