Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Review of "Muli"

A Lexuality reader and gay film enthusiast Gerry Santos shares his review on the much awaited gay love story "Muli" starring Cogie Domingo and Sid Lucero under the direction of Adolf Alix, Jr:

Finally! Finally, the pilipino adult gay movie that, to date, leads the pack!

I had the good fortune to watch the 3hr+ “work in progress” screening of Muli (we were advised that the refined version has a planned UP screening by August).

Polishing is quite evident with the rough cut, but already, Muli registers the resonance of being the first pilipino gay movie that genuinely delivers the remarkable positive ending on love and life!

Several accomplishments set the film apart:

A strategic, substantial and crafted cinematography that reinforces, rather than overpowers the message intent.

A refreshing slew of superb actors proficiently guided by the master of the film.

Despite the period portrayal of condemnations, tribulations and human weaknesses, the film courageously refused to fall into the trappings of unnecessary age old pilipino gay theme exploitations or succumb to the follies of doom and passe (much like the confusion and weary excesses of a joel lamangan or a mel chionglo).

For once, my ears did not bleed from score overkill (as the general case in most, if not all, pilipino movies when they insanely drag a scene).

The film manages to remain driven on the older, wiser processes of the two lead characters and their journeys towards loving, bearing, losing, hiding and hoping. These stages are darn heavy yet interestingly, the film floats effortlessly with grace and quiet discipline.

Most noteworthy is how the screenplay managed to balance an otherwise leaning towards contrite certainty. The critically significant character of a son who, during his child years had been neglected by his father, ended up as the very same soul who managed to embrace, accept and liberate his father’s desire for a secret love and earnest choice of life, once again.


Anonymous said...

Now I really want to see it. I want the DVD out now!!!

Anonymous said...

we miss COGIE,,magaling na actor,,at si SID din,,kaya maingat sila at di na kelangan pa exploit pa,kase may talents sila at magaling tlaga,malalim umarte gaya nina PATRICK GARCIA,JLC,JC DEVERA,CARLO AQUINO,DENIIS TRILO,COCO MARTIN,MATEO GUDECELI,.he desrved a second chance wag lang syang pasisira ulit bilang tao,,i hope maisama si cogie sa IMORTAL ng 2 kasama si ANGEL LOCSIN AT JLC..more movies at tv series,..movies na magpapaangat pa s akakayahan ni cogie bilang actor, exploitaion for him,..coz hes an actor,in deed..