Monday, January 14, 2013

Wanna Touch Daniel?

Here's a photo of Daniel Deramayo, one of the lead actors in the upcoming film "The Escort" as he is being "styled" for the photoshoot. Yes, naked men are styled for a photo shoot, believe it or not.

Speaking of "The Escort", it got a very good review from popular blogger and film reviewer "Make Me Blush", who happened to admit she (yes, a female specie) is not a fan of gay erotic movies. But this one passed her standards describing it as a "Surprising Serendipity"

The Escort is coming very soon. And you may read the full review here.

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Anonymous said...

swerte naman ni ate caloi! up close and personal! haha!

sin at work said...

wow, he's hot! :)

parang masaya maging stylist ng mga ganito ah! makapag-apply nga. haha cahrot :D

Anonymous said...

si ateng po ang nasa photo at nag style. fyi

Anonymous said...

Nalibugan naman ako dun... 09162698289