Sunday, May 25, 2008

Raving about Rayan

I first saw Rayan Dulay in his role as as newbie gay man in Crisaldo Pablo's "Bath house" a few years ago. And I was impressed by the sensitivity of this young actor. So, when we were looking for a good actor to fill in one of the lead roles in our film "Kambyo", I immediately suggested Rayan to my director Jay Altarejos. It was a good thing that director Cris Pablo gladly shared his prized talent to Viva Digital.

And I was pleasantly surprised to observe that Rayan was very different from his roles in his movies. For one, he is straight. He was certainly not innocent in so many things in life. He is a free spirited man, grounded and determined.

And aside from being a very talented actor, Rayan gave Jonron Tanada a sexual experience in front of the camera, Jonron could never forget!

Rayan Dulay is one of the lead actors in Viva Digital's upcoming film "Kambyo"
Direction: Joselito Altarejos
Screenplay: Lex Bonife


Anonymous said...

Hi Lex, I wonder what Rayan did to Johnron in front of the camera... kakaintriga... I liked Rayan in his previous films.

Hint naman kung ano yung ginawa... please

Love your blog... visit ko lagi kung ano na update sa Kambyo... looks interesting... hope di siya kasing morbid ng Lihim

Yohan here

Lex Bonife said...

Hi Yohan,

Thank you for visiting Lexuality. Just like you, I'm a fan of Rayan. Rayan made good love with Johnron sa film. It's something to look forward to.

And Yes, Kambyo has zero "morbidity" unlike Lihim. Hehehe!

It's a very happy film!

Anonymous said...

hi lex
i've seen a scandal video of him together with a man and his it really rayan?
thanks lex and more power!