Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trip with Johnron

Johnron Tanada is one of the most sought after members of Viva's Men of Provoq. "Kambyo" is my third project with him after the special interest videos "Cruise" and "Hubad: Striptease Sessions for the Daring Men".

Among the cast of "Kambyo", Johnron is the most reserved type. During the shoot, he experienced some slight fever as he just came from another shoot of another film. This guy is hardworking and is determined to go somewhere.

Here's an excerpt from Johnron's profile, which I have written for the Cruise Coffee table book.

"Johnron is a former Catholic seminarian from the province of Quezon. His winning of a mall based modeling search in Manila marks his entry in the industry. Despite of his picture perfect muscle toned body, he still claims to feel uncomfortable when other people call him sexy every time he bares in front of the camera.

He is not exactly choosy when it comes to dating women. But when a woman starts to smoke, she is automatically out of his list. Being a health buff, he enjoys helping other people with their weight training programs in the gym.

When asked why he has always wanted to be a priest, he recalls how amazed he was as a child with the attention and the respect that a priest can command from his parishioners. But he doesn’t have to worry. With his drop dead gorgeous looks, he certainly can command more than attention and respect. Some of his fans would even gladly worship him."

Above are some photos of him I took during our four day trip to Ilocos.
Jonron Tanada is featured in Viva Digital's upcoming film "Kambyo"
Direction: Joselito Altarejos
Screenplay: Lex Bonife


Anonymous said...

hey lex, johnron s my very fave of all d provoq men!!! sana maka attend ako ng advance screening nitong kambio. i also have d dvd of hubad and em all praise for johnron sa sit ni Rddantes.

i was just wonderin, pero em sure sya iyong minsan nakasakay ko sa blumentrit espanya jeep. although naka shade, ang taas, laki ng katawan at hugis ng face and lips, sya talaga. at ambango pa. ehhehe

just one of his million fans here in d phils. :-)

Lex Bonife said...

Hi. I remember him telling me that he lives near a building in Dangwa. I'm not sure if he is the same guy that you saw.

But I guess it will be better if you introduce yourself to him :)

Anonymous said...

I was proud when I learned he comes from Quezon Province. I hope you can shoot here in his home province. I really want to meet him in person.---
Mark of Lucena City

red said...

feature more of johnron. good work! thanks!

marss said...

i saw your friendster account but haven't found johnron's. can you give me? thanking you in advance!