Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haggling for Extra Service

A number of male therapists around mainstream spas around the Metro are discreetly offering extra services to gay clients. And I get a lot of queries on my style on how to haggle the price for that "extra" manual sensation.

MASSEUR: Sir, gusto niyo po ba ng Extra? (Sir, would you like to have an extra service?

LEX: Hindi na siguro, 300 na lang laman ng wallet ko e. (Maybe not this time. I have only have 300 pesos in my wallet.

The maseur would stop to think.

MASSEUR: Sige sir, okay na yun. (That will be fine with me, sir)

Deal closed. No bargaining pressure whatsoever.


line of flight said...

lol... so what you're really trying to say is that the market rate is P300 lang?

david said...

foreign tourists are usually asked 2 additional questions: "sir, do you have b.f. back home?" and "do you have b.f. here?"

my advice is to answer "yes!" to both of these questions.

Anonymous said...

a 300 peso tip is really just for the massage. siguro type ka nung masseur. :)

Anonymous said...

san itong lugar na ito?

Anonymous said...

300? sa panahon ngayon ang ibig sabihin ng 300 lang ang give mo ay maganda ka, sexy, bata at sariwa... ito ba ang dahilan kung bakit wala na akong sex life? dahil wala na rin akong 300? lol

Anonymous said...

san tong lugar nato? paki bigay naman address plsss... thank you!