Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sugar Daddy

We've been texting for a few months. Finally, we found the time to meet each other. He was almost my dream guy - smart (Oxford bred and an executive of an international bank) and caring except that he had a face I would never want to wake up next to.

Before meeting him, fantasies started to play on my mind -- someone paying for my pad's rent, someone buying me expensive stuff that I could not afford, my life practically getting a lot easier because I can take less work load.

But even as he told me how much he liked me, there was no way I could like him back. Ergo, there is no way that both of us could be happy.

I had to turn him down convincing myself, I'll be happier with a much simpler life.


line of flight said...

perhaps the most profound and personal blogs i have ever read of yours. thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! di ba talaga kaya?

natry ko rin yan, di ako natitigasan. umabot kami sa pamimik-up ng 3rd party to work it out daw pero mas lalong lumala, gustong makipagsabayan. pero very generous in fairview. sana pagtanda ko, di na ako maghahanap.

a reader from dubai...

Anonymous said...

Ganun siya ka-chaka? Sana tinakpan mo na lang ng unan. Sayang ang Benjamins!