Monday, February 22, 2010

A Sexy Guy in My Beach Cottage

For the second time, I was able to visit that gay beach tucked in Noveleta, Cavite named Villa Mar Beach Resort. This beach is a favorite hangout from gay cruisers from the South as well as rent boys posing as beach "tambays" having a good time over a bottle of gin.

How to get to Villamar beach resort?

If you are taking the public transpo, just take the bus right in front of Baclaran church that goes to Cavite city. Fare is about Php 40. And tell the bus conductor to drop you in front of Villamar beach resort. Sleep for about an hour. And voila, you'll get off in front of it.

If you are driving, find your way to Island Cove resort (one of the more famouse resorts in Cavite), go straight ahead along the main road going to Cavite city. When you reach Jolibee on your right, take a right turn on the first street. And after about 20 minutes, you'll see Villamar on your left.

Cottages cost around Php500 to about a thousand per night depends on the number of people occupying it.

And the rent boys? They are certainly within "rural rates".

How to enjoy the beach?

If you are a cruiser looking for fellow cruisers, walk around the dark shore areas on both sides of the resort. By the long stretch of sand, shadows abound to give you some unforgettable moments.

If you like flirting with the "straight" men, walk around them, they are usually in clusters having a drink by their cottages. Make sure to sway your hips like Beyonce as you slowly walk past them. And most likely, you'll get invited for a drink. Buy them another bottle, and you're in for some hot beach fun!

This photo of this man in his bikinis is taken inside my cottage, a guy whose name I can't recall.

And mind you, we never fooled around!

He is rehearsing for a shoot. Because apparently, filmmaker Crisaldo Pablo is shooting his new film "Discreet" on the cottage right next to mine. Being the hospitable neighbor that I am, I volunteered my cottage as a "rehearsal area".

With all those fun memories I had that Saturday night, I will surely be back to Villamar this summer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up lex. im taking a vacation this May to "hot" Philippines, literally and figuratively speaking. Wish you had mentioned the exact 'rural' rates so I wont be taken advantage of when I get there. Please give us more "cruising" areas in metro manila or nearby provinces. Thanks for the wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

careful though, my college friend got robbed and murdered on that beach, well on Lido beach which is next to villamar..

Anonymous said...

The guy featured above is Jeremy Ian Mesias. When I was in Manila more than a year ago, we met twice. I find him to be fun-loving and uninhibited, but I see some kindness in him which I believe is innate. He's not fond of making sob stories to solicit sympathy from other people. He just seems lost and resorts to drinking to perhaps drown his miseries. In totality, I consider him a good person. He doesn't ask for anything, he simply waits for you to make the first move. Just show him the respect just like you would respect a friend, and he will gladly do the same to you. To you Ian, may you true find genuine happiness in this world. You deserve that. Always take care of yourself and stay cool as ever. The best of luck to you, mi amigo.