Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Warning

Thoughts from Lexuality:

Do not fall in love with a man unless you have seen him under the fluorescent light.


Herbs D. said...

but is it all but appearance that we're after? i think that's just superficial.

but yes, fluorescent does bring out everything

Anonymous said...

so true!

it's superficial, but it matters!
appearance is not all, but it's the criterion in the initial-stage elimination.

... unless you want to always keep your eyes closed when you have sex.


JOsh said...

Harsh reality. Truth hurts. Whether gay or straight, it does apply.

Alex said...

Hi Lex,

This is good topic once more.

Yes, the truth hurts. No matter how much we try to avoid confronting the issue but once you are involved directly and personally, there is no escaping it.

One point to analyze. Open any social networking/personal/dating site, gay or straight. Since this is a gay blog, let us focus on that area for this discussion.

Go to manjam, g4m or gay romeo or elsewhere. I would dare say, at the very least 85% of the entries there would mention that their intentions are really to look for that one true love, for that guy who would throw them off their feet, swooning and so much in love.

But if you go a little bit deeper, if you got a message from someone who hinted to having an interest at you but the guy, though possesses all the qualities of the perfect lover except that he's got the face that as you pointed out in an earlier entry, only his mother would love, I bet you my bottom dollar you will ignore the initial beep.

And so you ignore, you continue with your search and the drama continues. Maybe this time, you add one more line to your personal introduction: I am not your mother, so please, have a face that I can perhaps appreciate and accept.

Thank you for the space as always.

Best regards.