Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Straight Men Sucking...

Here's a comment from an anonymous Lexuality reader that made my day. (I'm sure Sigmund Freud would be happy with this too!)

"Kahit straight pa ang isang lalaki, may feminine side pa din na just waiting to be unleashed. lahat ng lalaki sumuso sa dede ng nanay nila, it's the first thing they learned in this world. i see no reason why they can't know how to suck again anything that ca be sucked"


Anonymous said...

alam nyo,ibahin naman nyo ang pag suso sa isang ina at sa pagsuso ng dick dahil sa kalibugan,,wag nyo namang just to justify ang pagsuso ng isang lalake sa kapwa lalake ay walang meaning iyon o natural lang,NO NO NO,..kapag ang isang lalake sumuso sa kapwa lalake o sa isang bakla,it means silahis o bakla sya,walang sinumang tunay na lalake ang maaatim na sususo sa bakla o lalake,,wala,,kahit pa sana sex worker iyan,hindi maaatim ng isnag tunay na lalake ang sumuso din sya,ni makita ang burat ng isang bakla ayaw tingnan ng isang tunay na lalake,,ang tunay na lalake,,hihiga lang yan at ikaw ang gumawa,unless u want mag pa bottom ka,,wala ding tunay na lalake ang nagpapatira sa wetpu,,in natural thing o way ha,,unless,in other circumstances..minsan kase ang lalake papatol o makikipag relasyon sa gay just to konw themselves kung sino o ano sila,na humuhugot sila ng lakas ng loob sa isang gay para ilabas na silay gaya nila,bow..

Anonymous said...

korak. gaya na lang nang aversion nating mga gays sa pag-lick sa vagina ng babae, ganun din ang pandidiri ng tunay na lalaki sa pag-tsupa sa kapwa nya lalaki.

Anonymous said...

Lex im your reader who said that,

You two anonymous are completely mistaken or perhaps you have not experienced it yourselves. I am a living proof of having 3 straight guys I have relationship with.

I should say I have invested blood and sweat just to get what I wanted. I court them like a straight guy would court a girl, I have to spend money to take them to nice restaurants, give them gifts, and just be thoughtful always, (Im not like other gays who would let the guy know Im only after sucking his dick) tyaga talaga but Im happy because this is who I am, I like to challenge myself but in the end the reward is more than I always expected.

Mind you Im not bad looking and any gays would readily take me, Anyways, when they finally gave in, you were right, they would just lie in bed and let me do my stuff but as we keep doing it over and over again, (yes, they can't resist the power of a gay's man mouth on their dicks, once they experience it they will come back for more) they started reciprocating (meaning we do 69) to my surprise of course! And one of these 3 would love me to fuck him and it is just one thing he only wanted me to do to him rather than giving him a blow. If you ask me why? I let him watched a gay xxx movie and probably got curious. Straight guys don't even know about stimulating their prostate glands hidden inside their anus. Don't u love it when they found out? To be honest, I don't expect them to suck me too everything just happens spontaneously. As i said, it took a while before these straight guys would suck my dick the way I did.

Siguro it would a need a further study from the experts why suddenly a straight guy would do gay thing in bed with a partner. Even me is perplexed but Im loving it.

I dont make a sweeping generalization that all straight guys will eventually suck someone's dick but don't give me your crap that straight men at all cost would not suck a dick if given the chance and not enjoy it.

Mahabang discussion ito but like I said, this happened to me and still happening as Im still very much involved with them discreetly that is, since they have their own families to contend with.

And you have no idea how it makes me happy when they text me " I love you!" - Marvin