Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pulupot Exposed!

During the shoot of Pulupot, all the actors were housed in a villa inside the very nice Lakeshore Property in Pampanga. While I and the other gay staff, director Monti Parungao, photographer Ian Felix Alquiros and producer Carlos Barrera were on the other villa (needless to say, my night was boring! hehehe).

I am an early riser so I volunteered to wake up everyone including the actors.

Now, there's an ulterior motive why I like to wake up everyone in the morning because as per my boy scout days, the early morning reveals the woody interiors of all the boys in our tent. So by around 7 am, I was excited to check out the sleeping actors.

But I was in for a surprise. I was aghast to see that some of the actresses (playing bit roles) were sleeping inside the arms of the actors!

I immediately recommended to the producer not to pay talent fees to these actresses since they had so much fun for the evening (The producer being a kind soul didn't hear my case) And from then on, I promised myself never to write any script with small young female roles to keep promiscuous newbie actresses from the shoot of my script!

But did I get to see some morning woody? Oh yes! Thanks to Gio Gapas (who was sleeping in his gray bikinis) and Jeff Luna (sleeping in his thin basketball shorts). My eyes had a great morning!

Pulupot runs on May 12 (Wednesday) at Robinsons Cinemas and other gay friendly theaters around the Metro. And mind you, the MTRCB has approved Gio's revelations in the film.

Thank you Censors! We, love you.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who attended our very successful premiere. Thank you to Lexuality readers whom I have met for the first time, Melanie and Alex and to all the regular Lexuality readers who is always there to support the films that I am a part of, thank you for making our premiere night a success.


Melanie said...

Your welcome Lex... Hope you'll write more movies about our happy life... My friends and I will definitely wait for it... Please tell Jeff Luna that I luuurvvee him soooo much ;p

edward said...

Sir Lex, thanxs for the ticket. I do really appreciate your kindness. It's a nice movie. I will ask my friends to watch for it.

Alex said...

Hi Lex,

The pleasure was ours. Thank you for giving us another worthy pink themed movie. And please extend my congratulations to Direk Monti as well. See you on your next movie premiere and I hope that you will rethink some more on that topic I suggested to you to write about on your future stories.



Anonymous said...

hi lex may idea for a script po ako for a gay film pero i dont know where or how or to whom i can send my ideas...any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

be lex, konting pics pa na ganito, talagang mapapasugod ako sa mga sinehan sa opening day. hihihi.

Anonymous said...

more photo please! love it
will the dvd be an unrated version?

Anonymous said...

I went to see this movie “Pulopot” with some of my friends and we all appreciated the Story. I am hoping to see more movies like this in the future. I am happy to get a picture with some of the Stars and with the movie Director. Special thanks to you Lex… jai paul here

Anonymous said...

i've watched it on Remar. It's worth it. Dami lang old gay people. Nung nanood ako ako na yata ang pinakabata.