Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gay Paradise

The highlight of our next day in Bangkok was a visit to Babylon, the famous bath house in Bangkok which is a gay paradise for many travelers. Babylon is more than a bath house, it is a gay resort that offers bed and breakfast, massage, a large pool, a fully-equipped fitness gym and all the fun and dark places a bath house offer. Entrance to Babylon is 260 Baht (about Php312)

Despite of the clear sign “No sex or hand jobs” for the massage service , we tried their Thai massage (300 Baht/ Php360) and were surprised with the high level of skills our masseurs have shown us. It was for me the best Thai massage I have ever experienced. It was so good that we couldn’t think about sex at all!
The food inside the restaurant is very decent and affordable and the interiors of the dining area were done in good taste. Inside the multi-level gay establishment, it is very exciting to get lost in its mazes and dark alleys, pockets of steam rooms and saunas, hidden pools and showers as one witness groups of men having unashamed sexual fun with each other.

For me, compared to all the bath houses in Manila and most of the bath houses in Hongkong, nothing beats Babylon.

A word of caution though, if you are like me with a very limited taste for men (I only go for the Filipino and the Mediterranean male beauty), Babylon is not exactly for you. In this place, the white man is supreme and all the other Asians chase after them, which is just too bad for me.


Anonymous said...

well, i think once you have tried the virility of some tidy arabs & pakistani men, like the mediterraneans, you will put them on your list :)

Anonymous said...

somehow, you do get to wonder out loud. like i always do. how come, bangkok's massage houses are so way, way up the ladder in terms of facilities, ambiance, fixtures, if compared with ours here. honestly, nakakalungkot. di ba talaga natin puedeng gawing kasing gaganda ng mga establishments natin dito ang mga gay places nila dun? i've been to bangkok many times and the many places of interests for gay men dun and also ours here in metro manila. sadly, ang layo talaga ng angat nila.

david m. said...

well lex, at the risk of sounding biased, i too, think pinoys are probably the sexiest of all asians,

so, in response to anonymous, why are spas in bangkok better?

well, for one thing, thailand is a buddhist country that was never conquered by another western nation and its catholic/christian culture, it also caters heavily to the tourist, especially westerners and rich chinese who have big bucks to throw around. and, the country promotes birth control. did you notice how your were not bomb blasted with children everywhere!

btw, for the gay male asian who prefers other gay asians, chakran spa and its adjacent "v" massage is probably a better alternative to babylon. however, like babylon, it too is an upscale, full service spa and bath house and it is usually very busy with lots of handsome and friendly young asian men.

Anonymous said...

to the 2nd anonymous comment, here's a take on why bangkok massage parlors are way better than what manila could ever have. sigh.:

Anonymous said...

Babylon....see you again this coming Dec. 5.

Anonymous said...

hey, never been to thailand..just wanna ask how much would 1 trip cost including pocket money..thanks

Anonymous said...

to anonymous who gave the link, thanks! yes, i think i do understand what he is trying to say. i am a small business owner myself. i rent out apartments and condo units and as much as possible, even with just a simple business such as mine, i would like to provide the best service and facilities available possible. but as a business owner, you always have to weigh things such as your costs and margins. and yung nagbigay ng insights niya, tama siya when he said that he discussed yung sa establishment palang, wala pa yung sa quality ng mga masahista. david m is correct when he said that the thais are tourism oriented so naka focus na sila on how to please. well, just my thoughts again.