Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Happy Anal F*ck Show

After busying myself running from one cinema to the other for the screening of our film Laruang Lalake, My boyfriend and I took a much needed break to Bangkok where we stayed at the lovely Courtyard Marriot which was a train station away from the Silom gay district.

The highlight of our first night was the campy and graphically erotic sex show at the Dream Boys Bar which was located at the very gay “Soi Pratuchai”, a district of strip bars, massage places, bars and sex shows for the delight of the gay traveler.

There was no cover charge for the show. Everyone was required to purchase a drink for 300 Baht (about Php360). The place was very clean and nice. The shows were entertaining. There were no pushy “mamasans” or male GRO’s unlike in Manila.

Each production number was well prepared. The performers were of varying shapes and sizes to cater to the different tastes of every traveler. Graphic sex and display of erect penises were interspersed with slapstick comedy, some toilet humor and lots of flying choreography onstage. Such entertainment scene is nowhere to be found in the Catholic guilty Manila. And for this fact, Bangkok remains the best gay destination in Southeast Asia.


Anonymous said...

minor correction. wrong conversion: 300 baht is equivalent to 450 pesos. exchange rate is P1.5 for ever Bht 1.

bangkok has become expensive because of the strong baht. was bangkok last september.

Anonymous said...

You better watch out your sales at Isetann Recto. When I bought a ticket to watch L.L. I was given the ticket for Cinema 5 showing Petrang Kabayo. But I was made to go straight to Cinema 4 where L.L. was showing.

What this means? They're shifting revenue supposedly for L.L. to Petra. In other words, yung ibang nanood ng L.L. na tulad ko, ay sa kanilang records ay sinama nila sa nanood sa Petra. Eh di lugi kayo Lex!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lex,
I must agree with u. I have seen that show. People just leave u alone to your viewing pleasure as long as u buy beer.
I love the swinging part. The good thing even if they do it everynight, they always use condoms.
I hope u had a blast on your thailand vacation.
As what my friend told me she Bang cock in bangkok :)

Anonymous said...

catholic guilty... or maybe the right word is hypocrisy?? i've been to bangkok and I must say.. the place is really awesome.. i mean the beach and all plus the gay district of course.

Thailand is more economically stable than the Philippines. Sa pinas.. puro pa self righteous ekek puro hipokrito/hipokrita pero maunlad ba ang pinas?

Thai's are outright lewd.. no pretentions but yet you see the difference.

david said...

i realize that this was your honeymoon, but by chance did you have the opportunity to visit the HERO SPA on sukuhmvit, soi 12 for a m4m massage? the guys there truly deliver! of course there is also BABYLON SPA AND GUESTHOUSE which is a place like no other. also, next time you are there, try to take in the show at the JUPITER CLUB. it is the hottest, most professional boy show in bangkok. finally, take an afternoon stroll through LUMPHINI PARK and watch all the "muscle boys for hire" working out in the outdoor gym. you can even work out with them if you want; guest admission is only 20 baht. ;-)

Anonymous said...

BEACH IN BANGKOK?...did you mean Pattaya, the closest demi-decent beach. word of caution, Thailand still has the highest rate of HIV-SIDA in Asia. HAVE FUN, but BE SAFE...pour moi, MACAU is a better option (obvious reasons) for fun. ask Anabil and Co...LOL!

Anonymous said...

where in macau?

Anonymous said...

what do you mean that macau is a better option...?

marami ri ba dun?