Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wondering About Pinoy Bath Houses

Here's an interesting comment that is worth pondering on by patrons of bath houses:

How come Bangkok's massage houses are so way, way up the ladder in terms of facilities, ambiance, fixtures, if compared with ours here. honestly, nakakalungkot. di ba talaga natin puwedeng gawing kasing gaganda ng mga establishments natin dito ang mga gay places nila dun? i've been to bangkok many times and the many places of interests for gay men dun and also ours here in metro manila. sadly, ang layo talaga ng angat nila.



Hi Anonymous,

Your observation is keen and valid and it has challenged me to try to find an answer. Here's how I see it. The Bangkok gay scene is way much higher than ours because thery have a strong patronage from gay travelers (read: dollars coming in).

Now, Metro Manila can only attract the gay travelers if our "intelligent" city governments will just put an end to the frequent raids they launch against adult businesses and the "Imbestigador" TV show and its cousins, will stop making a a big deal about adult entertainment.

If we want to attract the gay tourists, laws in our country must be changed. And the revisions of these laws will come from every citizen especially from our community.



ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

we need comprehensive revision of the penal code, divorce on demand, right to contraception and reproductive health, elimination of libel lawsuit against public personalities, and strengthening of privacy laws for ordinary people. public personalities stopping truthful but negative publicity while the media is allowed a free hand with publicizing raids is as medieval as it gets and its related to misguided case law.

Tony said...

Hi Lex,

I actually wrote a blog post tackling this same question about a month ago. I would love to hear what you think.

Anonymous said...

well said lex,
parang ms universe lang ang answer mo.
but all points are well noted

Anonymous said...

lex, thank you for your honest answer to my question. actually, i asked that same question to Tony, like you, a blogger too and erstwhile owner of Hilom, which to my mind will come closest to a bangkok style mp here in manila. he too gave a very good rationale to my question but both of us came up with a common (sort of) conclusion. I said in jest kasi, why can't we at least make an effort (an often used word nowadays). Here is his reply (i quote verbatim): "I sometimes still wonder if its a question of effort or a question of knowing (imagining?) any better."

Now to your own observation, I have a question. This is a real question and I don't know the answer. Perhaps some of your readers may know the answer. Is prostitution legal in Thailand? Kung pagbabatayan ko lang sa payak na pagkakaintindi ko, ang laging sinasabi ng mga shows katulad ng Imbestigador pati na rin ng mga pulis, kaya laging may raid ay dahil nagagamit ang mga establishments na tulad ng mga mps as fronts for prostitution. it is prostitution that is illegal in the country.

Actually, we can go on and on with our discussions here. We have not even mentioned the role of the church in all of these. But I think we understand each other naman on what we are all trying to say. Ang akin lang, without having to go far away too much from my original question, can the owners or operators of the gay mps here in manila could at least make an effort man lang na pagandahin nila ang mga establishments nila, notwithstanding all the givens of the raids, harassment, etc.

Anonymous said...


david m. said...

technically, prostitution is illegal in thailand, but the government's "entertainment places act" provides a legal loophole provided everyone participating is at least 18 years of age.

as a result, some thais find it more profitable and enjoyable to engage in "adult services," rather than work in bangkok for the 206 baht a day minimum wage (slightly less in the rural provinces).

efrenefren said...

hindi lang bath house actually. kahit yung mga CR lang natin sa mga airports and other public places sobrang layo sa mga public CR ng ibang bansa

Anonymous said...

club bath may be a close competitor to thai bath houses. yung iba kasing bath house sa pinas, ang dudumi.

Anonymous said...

ano bakayo ,ang thailand kilala na bansa sa prostitution at mga spa o bath houses,,number 1 sila sa ganyan,,isa iyan sa pinagkakakitaan nila noh!wag ng magtaka,,pero kaya din natin iyan,,,kung kaseng sa tabi tabi lang na spa o bath houses,e.may moneky bussiness na kasama iyon kaya kahit di ganun kaganda e,,yun nanga,,ehehe,,karamihan sa mga spa o bath houses sa ibang bansa makikita mo yung mga decent at proffesional na spa o bath houses sa loob ng hotel,,,sana nga lang maging sa pinas,,kung meron mga spa na pang kalokohan meron din dapat na tlagang pang decent at proffesional mga masseur na walang moneky bussiness,,diba,,separate that..sana mag improve nga mga spas,bath houses natin,,sa pinas,,in mannerly reason ha,,hindi kalibugan lang,,kaya nasisira image ng bakla e,,hehe

Anonymous said...

ewan ko kung tama ang pagkakaintindi ko sa comment nung last anonymous. i had been to thailand many times. and yes, i do patronize their gay massage houses/parlors if you want to call it that too. and yes, may hanky panky na nangyayari dun. honestly, sobrang layo ng level nila satin. ang gaganda, sobrang linis ng mga rooms, may sariling banyo, ang linis, parang mga legit spas ang dating, in other words, alam mong pinagkagastusan para maging maganda at kaakit akit. now as to the quality of the masseurs? siempre, magsisinungaling ako kung sasabihin ko na lahat ng masseurs dun ay A1 ang quality. meron din palpak. i think ang pinaguusapan naman ata dito ay yung quality ng lugar mismo, not the masseurs themselves. sorry po. pero ang layo. siguro tama nga yung sabi na kasi bangkok or thailand as a whole is a major tourist destination, including na rin for sex related tourist destinations.