Monday, November 8, 2010

My Bangkok Erotic Massage

Of course, my trip will never be complete without erotic massage from a gay massage place. My boyfriend and I had an average of two massage sessions everyday in between our yoga sessions inside the Courtyard Marriot gym.

And with my boyfriend’s blessings, I tried “Bangkok Massage” inside at the Soi Pratuchai. Outside the spa, Thai boys in white tank tops and tiny shorts would seduce you to come inside the spa and choose them as their masseur. The typical Thai masseur is thin and small-framed, which I believe is perfect for the many travelers from the West. And again for the record, I only go for the bulky Pinoy guys, and due to the lack of choices, I settled for the masseur who was the lanky version of actor Antonio Aquitania.

The 1 hour massage costs 500 Baht (Php600) and the minimum required tip is Php 500 Baht. The minimum required tip is something that most gay massage places in Manila can adopt. This I think protects the masseurs and at the same time protects the gay clients from pushy and abusive therapists as well.

The interior of this particular gay massage place is fantastic. I am not sure if this is something that you can see in our own Kamuning/ Kamias line of gay massage places. My shy masseur whose English was limited stripped me off and guided me to warm shower.

After my silent shower scene, he guided me back to my clean room for my “bedroom scene”.

Now, here comes the disappointing part for me. The massage felt it was just a fancy way of putting lotion on my body. And whether you believe me or not, the masseur was not exactly my type that my penis couldn’t rise to the occasion. No sexual act happened at all. But I think I made my masseur happy with the minimum tip I gave him.


Miguel said...

They look lanky indeed! Hardly my type but Bangkok seems a nice place to visit.

Anonymous said...

lex, i also think that a minimum tip policy could be followed here in manila. anyway, you yourself have said it now when you mentioned how nice and clean and uppity looking their massage houses looks like. when david m answered my earlier comment to your other post, he mentioned about bangkok/thailand being a buddhist country, etc. well, perhaps, he may have a point to what he said. what i just want to say really is how come our MPs here (i am so much tempted to name names already but i will not to be fair and objective) could not at the very least have private bathrooms where you will not squirm upon entering lest you might catch some virus or bacteria on the floor. i am not being mayabang or matapobre. all MP patrons out there, you know what i am talking about, di ba? kaw mismo, lex, you will attest to what i am saying, if lalo na ikumpara natin sa mga massage houses in bangkok that caters to M2M massage. ang pagiging isang convent bred nation ba natin will have something to do with how sloppy our gay establishments looks? just asking.

david m. said...

for a really great "authentic" thai massage in bangkok i would suggest the upscale and well appointed HEALTH LAND which has several locations, including one in pattaya. all of their masseurs are clean-cut, professionally trained, and certified. HEALTH LAND'S prices are pretty reasonable and tipping is at your discretion. not really a place for hanky panky but nonetheless worth a visit.

however, for the best "erotic" massage, HERO on sukhumvit soi 11 (BTS Nana) is hands down the best m4m, point final. they don't advertise because they don't have to.

HERO has straight and gay masseurs in ALL shapes and sizes, including LOTS of tall, handsome, bulky and well hung esan boys. the price is fixed at 600 baht for the massage and a minimum tip of 1000 baht. that also includes a personal shower by the masseur before and after.

there should be no disappointments at HERO because everything is prearranged by the mamasan beforehand, i.e., straight, gay, top, bottom, etc. and yes, they have tops who will bottom. thankfully, condoms are always the de rigueur and most of the guys really do know how to massage.

should you not see what you are looking for at HERO, you are under no obligation to buy and you will never be hassled for "just looking.".

and to anonymous: many countries around the world, including my own, have the same similar issues that you mentioned are in manila. it's too bad that sex so often has to be made into something dirty. too often, local moral codes and/or corrupt vice cops continue to keep it that way by forcing establishments to be incognito and unsanitary. doesn't do much for gay morale does it? sadly perhaps, that is the point. hmm...

meynard said...

for me, senso massage in bangkok (near silom area) is winner. the muscular young looking guys provide excellent and titillating massage!

Anonymous said...

i also like senso's younger set of masseurs. but what i really like about bangkok's mp business set up is the fact that do not hide the real orientation of their masseurs. kung gay yung masahista, sasabihin sayo at di tulad dito na itatago pa sayo kuning kuning na straight siya o bi daw. dun you can tell the mama san, you want a gay, bottom na masahista, they will get you one. dito kasi satin, hanggang puedeng maisahan ka, iisahan ka talaga hanggang sa ma onse ka na sa kaiisa sayo.

Anonymous said...

Bangkok's massage parlor will always be better because they have a bigger market than Manila. Male to male massage are allowed to operate legitimately in Thailand so the owners can invests money for a good place since the place can be operated on a long term basis.

Also the average massage charge of Baht 500 and minimum tip (inclusive of extra service) of Baht 1000 is also more expensive than the P500 massage charge and P1000 minimum tip in Manila.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the response of one anonymous. i think why bangkok's massage parlor's will always be better is because they allow these establishments to operate legitimately there with the clear understanding that there is really sex being part of the package. thus, if i were the business owner, i know clearly the policies when one operates a business such as an mp. dito kasi, prostitution is illegal and they say the operation of an mp, dapat is not illegal and yet you have to operate like it is illegal, so parang very conflicting. i don't know if i made sense, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Lex, I hope you consider the fact that AIDS rate in BKK is quite high. :-)