Sunday, September 25, 2011

Allan, The Barako

Allan Stevens was one of the actors in our film Kape Barako where he played a retired stripper who decides to apply as a waiter for the infamous coffee shop. In real life, he is a stripper at Planet Xanadu in South Triangle, Quezon city.

And in my recent trip to the bar with my dear friend Mr. D from Singapore, I took some photos of Allan doing what he does best - grind in his bikinis.

Kape Barako is coming very soon.


Anonymous said...

anong klaseng performance ang ginawa niya diyan with the other guy? parang showdown sila ah.. ano yun? patalbugan? pakitaan sila ng et*ts tapos espadahan at kiskisan?

PJ said...

where can i buy dvd of this movie?

Anonymous said...

how much kaya rate nya?