Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Men in the Locker Room

A while ago inside the gym's locker room, I was with about ten other men who were all gym toned in various states of undress preparing for the day. The TV was broadcasting Kris Aquino and her topic was make up. The talk show's topic focused on how to trim the eye brows.

Then suddenly, as if a news-shaking event happened, all the men inside the locker room dropped whatever it was that they were doing and all eyes and ears began to focus on the eye brow talk. Were we all gay or are eye brows now an important topic with straight men nowadays?


Anonymous said...

gurl power!

Anonymous said...

where is this lex? this is jon, a winner of your previous photoshoot invite.

Anonymous said...

hay nako,,sa ibang lahi,,lalo na sa mga arab pipol na men,,normal lang naman mag trim o pluck o threading ng eyebrow kase sabog ang kilay nila,,wala naman yang kinalaman sa gender ng isang tao,kung gay ka,,gay ka,,diba,,,lalo na sa mga makakapal na kilay,,they need it,,,yung make up,naman,,para lang s agay o girl iyan,,iyana ng matinding senyales na nagbabadya kana,,wahahahahah,,,