Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Victim

Hi Lex,

i was baffled by all the cases of the CB-policemen modus operandi.
it happened to me last night. and i drove off. i was lucky enough to have
escaped. but i'm still scared, terrified even that they might come after me in the next few days.

do you think that's possible?
or would they probably be busy trying to find the next victim?
i don't know why i was soooo stupid to have done that.
meron ba talagang violation of any ordinance?

please enlighten me in this manner.



Dear D,


Im sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident last night. Very likely, the police wont bother you anymore as logically they would rather be busy looking for a new victim later this evening.

Prostitution is illegal in this country. But before they could charge you for patronizing such commerce, they will have to prove that you actually paid someone to for the activity. And in your case there is no actual proof. So it is very unlikely that they will still pursue your case.

I wish you peace of mind. And please do not patronize those street lurking sex workers who have already victimized several gay men.



Anonymous said...

i was also victimized by CB-taxi driver-Police scheme. I rode a from taxi going to Malate. This driver, who is good looking had a big bulge in his crotch.. I was staring at his bulge then he said you can hold it if you want. So I touched his crotch then he later asked me to give him a head.He parked his taxi in one the dark streets in malate. Then he texted someone. While I was giving him a head, a policeman suddenly appeared . He asked me to go out of the taxi and later asked for money....After giving him money. They both left..

Anonymous said...

hayan nanaman,,hindi kayo titigil hanggat hindi kayo madadala at walang dugong tatagos jan,,bawal naman yata tlgang mamick up ng sex workers jan,mga planado at pain na lang ang mga guys jan,,,wag padadala,,kasalanan din kase ng mga malilibog na mga gays jan,,kaya hayan,,,wag ng hayaan humantong sa pagpatay iyan,,disiplina naman sa mga pangit at matatandang gays na tigang jan,,hehehehe,,sus,,mag jakol na lang o kumuha ng katiwala tiwalang guy,,diba,,,kesa sa ganyan,,ulit ulit nalang,,DAPAT NG SABIHIN KAY BOY ABUNDA ANG MGA ABUSADONG PULIS NAIYAN,,BUT I GUESS,,THEY DOING THEIR JOB LANG NAMAN ANG MAGSUPIL NG BAWAL,,PERO ANG MANGHUTHOT,,FOUL NA IYAN,,,REPORT THIS INCIDENTS,,MR,,LEX,,,KESA SA UMABOT SA SUKDULAN ANG MGA KASONG ITO,,IPAIMBESTIGA ANG MGA PULIS NA IYAN,,IF NASA TAMA SILA,,

Anonymous said...

Contact the LADLAD Hotline (09178523523 or 09178LADLAD) for any situation like this. They will send people (lawyers) to talk directly to the police to avoid the extortion that they are doing.

So don't panic.