Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot Japanese

I never saw Japanese men as sexy. I idolized them when I was young, watching Japanese action series (Shaider, Bioman, and all). But i was just not attracted to them.

Until a few days ago in my recent Boracay trip. I was hanging around the lounge of Discovery Shores when I got to see eight hot Japanese guys. And I was in awe. I was pretty sure they were gay. There was no women in their group. They had a gym built body. And they were all in hot skimpy trunks (such a give away).

It was such a delight watching them shoot their balls at the table. If only they took a shot at me...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

we love japanese guys,,hot sila parang brazil,,hindi din halata if they r gays o bisez,kaya at alam nilang magdala o magtago,,hehehe,,na dapat bang itago o,,they just dealing it in a decent at proffesional ways of being gays,,hidni gaya sa pinoy,,pa girl,,hehehehe