Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crazy Sex Talk

How can we burn more calories while masturbating? Can we fracture our penis with too much use? What could happen if we get to inhale the semen? How do we access the male G-spot?

These are some of the crazy sex questions we explored in this all-new podcast episode of What The Fu: Sep 19 with Star DJ Mr. Fu and guest co-host Lex Bonife. (Tagalog language)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lex, just asking kong kelan ipapalabas ang Temptation ISLAND reality show ng TV 5.

Anonymous said...

nakakawala ng stress, aliw ako sobra! anong oras to sa Wednesday para naman makapanood ako ng live?

yeopgigirl said...

Hi, WTFu the Podcast is on-air every Wednesday at 9pm. You can watch previous and succeeding episodes here: