Monday, September 17, 2012

Payment for "Extra" Services

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Here's an inquiry regarding how much tip should one give to his masseur:
I was in this spa (Spada) yesterday afternoon and I met this guy named Aki (probably not his real name) who is very friendly and nice.Now, since it's my first time I really cannot compare it from any other massage spas but I have to say he really knows how to massage.I was felt so relaxed after that session. I also have to add that I had a good time. The only question that I have though - is 2K a reasonable price to give for the masseur aside from the payment for the massage itself?any opinions ideas to help me become a wiser customer the next time I go to these places will be very much appreciated.TY 

 The safe answer here is give to your heart's content. But my dear, practical friend from Singapore (you-know-who-you-are) would always put an economic perspective when it comes to paying "extra" for "extra" services.

He determines the "minimum wage" of the city as part of the equation. In Metro Manila, it's about a little less than 500 pesos.

So if  you pay 500 to 1000 pesos for a few minutes of extra manual labor on you. Then you shouldn't feel bad about it. Majority of people in Metro Manila work harder for 8 hours for less than 500 pesos.

I hope this give you another perspective on the cost of the "extra" labor work that you request for.


ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

another way to consider this question could be for the recipient to consider what the value of the experience is to him(self) and then translate that value into a peso amount based on similarly valued experiences that already have a peso amount.

Anonymous said...

ES tips goes beyond the common notion that tips should be 10-12% of the total bill. Several factors that I think should be considered in payings tips for ES:

1. Physical appearance - would you render a service of a person who you are not physically attracted to?

2. Performance. 'nuff said.

3. Sexual preference (SP) - Modern people are bound to their own morals and dignity. If one is sacrificing their own morals and dignity for familial food and needs then other factors like basic wage, regular tips, etc will be overlapped. IF by any chance SP of the service provider and the client is the same, tip should greatly be lowered since no dignity or moral is being sacrificed.

4. Time - From the moment that a service has been rendered, one is also hiring time of a person's life.

Given that physical appearance, performance, sexual preference and time should be considered in paying tips for ES, the follow-up question now is: How do we equate and monetize physical appearance, performance, sexual preference and time of a person's life?

Anonymous said...

Parang kilala ko 'to!? Nagpunta ako jan last time sa spada na yan sa taft ave, tanghali tapat yun. Siya yung shower boy at masahista ko in one. Hay naku, daig pa ang panadero kung "magmasa" ng katawan, hindi masahe. Ang nakakainis more in sa bayag ang hagod ng masahe. Tapos, nag-alok p ng ES, ang kulit nung payatot na masahista na mukhang ilokano. After ng "massage" at ES, pumunta muna aq sa cr para umihi pero nagbabantay pala siya sa baba ng hagdan, wais ang mokong na to! Yun nagbigay ako ng 2 thou sa kanya then nagbyad ako ng ng regular fee para sa massage sa cashier. After nun, nabuwisit ako at di na babalik sa bulok na spa.