Friday, September 14, 2012

Massage Place Recommendation?

Hello Lex!

Can you suggest a massage parlor to me? Have you tried the heavenly touch in kamias? Thanks!



Hi Jaco,

I haven't tried the "Heavenly Touch" in Kamias. Is this place inspired by the Joel Lamangan movie of the same title?

Anyway, for your own safety, my suggestion is just to choose your masseur from their place and take him out for a home or hotel service. In that way, you could avoid unwanted intrusions (raids) from authorities and the GMA Imbestigador.

Be Safe and Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

hi lex,

i'll be bound on tacloban next week for a three month stint. I would like to ask if you have some idea where can i find some sort of escorts/masseurs with es to cool me off???

Your response will be much appreciated!

justin t. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just visit for massage parlor reviews

Anonymous said...

ref heavenly touch spa in kamias

anyone tried the thera[pist at heavenly touch named Brian he's chinito and a 2009 G Pilipinas finalist any feedback on his services thanks guys

Anonymous said...

anyone tried Brian of heavenly touch? yr feedback pls thanks guys