Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Machete Gallery

A performer at Galleria Mia Machete

Galleria Mia Machete is a new gay strip bar along Morato. The place was a former art gallery so it's pretty neat and clean for your typical strip bar. Entrance is PHP100. And a bottle of beer is at PHP100. And if you fancy any of their featured boys for the night you pay Php740 for the mandatory two orders of men's drink.

Their version of their "All-star-cast" production number

Here's a tip, go to the rest room in between dance numbers and you could see the dancers prepping their tools at the backstage. How cool is that?

Galleria Mia Machete is located inside the Creekside building just a few meters away from E. Rodriguez before you reach Kamuning.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and tips.

Anonymous said...

Please update what happen now to the bar?

Bob Sandico said...

I like this bar becuse it is clean and the models are pretty cute and tidy. I will definitely recommend this to my friends here and abroad.