Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking for Extra Service

Hi Lex,

I live here in Makati but I would like to go to South Bay City Spa as I've been hearing good things about it. Would you know what  kind of ES the masseurs offer there and how   much should I pay for the ES?  


Mr. Looking-for-ES


Hi "looking-for-ES",

Unlike the strip of massage clinics in Kamias, an ES or "extra service" is not on the menu of Southbay city spa. The place offers legitimate massage. Their masseurs are well-trained and as far as I know and not all of them will give you that "extra effort".

The place however, is popular among many horny gay men. It's easy to meet a lot of like-minded men in the wet areas.

If you want to experience that "extra-care" from your masseur, I suggest, book a private room in advance. And request for a male masseur. Chances are, you might find a masseur who will be playful enough for your requirements.

In terms of cost, having tried so many places, the range of "extra experience" should cost around PHP500 to 1500. That depends on your negotiation skills. And according to one masseur I have spoken to, the more pleasant and the "cleaner" you appear to them, the more they are willing to lower the cost. 

So just be loyal and nice to your masseur and they will definitely do their best to keep you coming back.


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squirt_catcher said...

im a frequent visitor of southbay city spa, if ud be gettin an executive room then some therapist might ask u for an ES :) i know a few..