Sunday, January 13, 2013

Looking for a Gay-Friendly Clinic

Reader "X" left this question as he is looking for a gay-friendly clinic specializing on Sexually Transmitted Infections:

Anyone of you know an std clinic with gay friendly doctors? I have been embarassed a couple of times already, seeking medical consultation from 2 anti gay dermatologists. By the way, i have anal warts(HPV). 
I was advised to undergo a surgery but i'm too scared. Hope you can help.

Hi X,

Sorry to hear about what possibly is a bad experience from anti-gay dermatologists. 

I asked my dear friend, nurse and advocate James Bon and he recommends Quezon City Social Hygiene Clinic in Project 7. (along Bansalangin St. in congressional village very near SM Annex) and look for Dr. Monina Santos. Tell the clinic you were referred by Ryan Pinili of "Take the Test".

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

I had the warts also before but got cleared of it few months ago.

You can go to my derma, never felt any embarrassment from the doctor or any of the staff. plus, the doctor really charges cheap compare to amazing touch located in malls which I did not see any improvement at all.

visit NU U Asia located at 3rd floor, 32nd and 5th Bldg. 32nd and 5th avenue. Fort Bonifacio, Global city. (near St. Lukes Global) You may call 8563641/09166474640

or Makati Medical Center room 240. 2nd flr. tel 888-9999 local 7283

Hope it helps :)