Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Naked Joeff

And since I was rummaging through the old files of our film "Huling Halik" which was shot two years ago in Baguio, I might as well share with you some unreleased photos of Joeffrey Javier, one of our leads.
Joeff, according to his co-workers is one of the kindest people they have worked with. He usually is a quiet guy and would never impose himself on anyone. And according to the gay people around him, he was never abusive unlike some of his colleagues.


Anonymous said...

I agree, he is a nice, kind and accommodating person. There was no fuss in having a picture with him in that one instance I got a chance to meet him in a premier showing of one of his Indie Film in one bath house along West Ave. Without hesitation and with a smile he posed with me for picture taking... I hope I could have the chance to meet him again someday.

Anonymous said...

he really looks like my best friend, who i fell in love with. His name is Joeffrey, too.