Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Trouble in Finding Sex in Singapore

photographed by blog author Lex Bonife

My good-looking gay best friend was ranting. He found it difficult to find sexual encounters in Singapore. He was an active grindr and planet romeo user but still it wasn't easy for him. The reason he observed was the lack of appropriate place to do the tryst. Most eligible Singapore locals were living with their parents. And most working Filipinos were living in a cramped space with many others.

We're lucky here in Manila. Motels are everywhere. And they will suit every budget for the pleasure-looking gay man.


Anonymous said...

A a frequent visitor to most parts of Singapore, even small towns & villages, I've never had any problems finding other guys for sex

Tony said...

Hotel 81 is actually considered the counterpart to Hotel Sogo here in Manila. Though pricey compared to our rates it is still affordable at a 100sgd (what a night out with friends would cost).

Also, because most pinoys are in the same dilemma. I found it necessary to make scheduled arrangements with my flatmates regarding trysts until I was able to afford rent a room on my own.

Pinoy in Dubai said...

Hotel 81 and a few other motel chains are scattered in Singapore for as low as S$50. There are lots of them in the Geylang area and a few in the Chinatown area. If that's too much, then he should try visiting the bathhouses, at $20 they can have private rooms and use the other facilities too.

Ive also been to Singapore a number of times and I must say finding sex there is rather easy. In fact that's the reason why i keep coming back to the city.