Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'd Like to Hear from You

On a daily basis I get emails from different gay men on what they think about the films I have written (Ang Lihim ni Antonio and Ang Lalake sa Parola). Most of them are simply messages on why the like the film. And some are quite personal sharing their life issues as gay men.

And these letters are quite dear to me. I love reading them.

And because, I'd like this blog to be a resource for gay men like me aside from being a collection of information that are of interest to the community, I'd like to encourage you my dear reader, to send your personal letters so we can talk about your different issues on living a gay man's life.

If you'd need my advice or opinion, I'll gladly share my insight. Other readers could also bring in their perspectives.

More importantly, because I know that living a gay man's life is far from being easy, I'd like to hear from you...

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PinoyPoz said...

Hi Lex. I read the message you left on my blog (backinthecloset.blogspot.com) regarding your interest in the lives of those living with HIV. You may contact me directly at pinoycumeater@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.