Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weapons of Ass Destruction

I found myself waiting for my mango shake in the lounge of my gym. And a guy's crotch suddenly caught my attention. Wearing white, shiny basketball shorts, this guy's underwear was evidently overstuffed by his manhood. Oh, have I said that the guy was also fairly good looking as well and looked like someone in his early 20's.

I tried very hard not to stare at his crotch but my eyes won't just follow my commands to look away from it. The guy caught me staring at his crotch.

And to my surprise, he even pinched his crotch to ensure better shape from that screaming bulge between his legs.

No, nothing happened after that. As I decided to just look away after feeling slightly embarrassed.

The sight of that bulge didn't just grab my attention. It also made me realize how some men, would actually carry their sex organs with much pride and joy. Carrying the male penis is very much part of one's identity. And some may even consider it as a source of power, probably just like Iraq's alleged "weapons of mass destruction".
And to my silly mind, these sources of power should aptly be called , "weapons of ass destruction".

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