Monday, June 30, 2008

The Pioneer of Digital Movies is Back!

Cris Pablo, the pioneer of commercial digital filmmaking in Philippine Cinema is back with two new digital features: "SEB Cyber Games of Love" and "Quickie". And more importantly for my readers, they are "gay" features.

"SEB Cyber Games of Love Love" is a compilation of four stories on the kind of relationships Filipinos get into in this age of cyber hook ups.This movie will premiere at Cinemalaya Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on July 17 at 9pm.

On the other hand, "QUICKIE", which stars the daring Andro Morgan and newcomer Topher Barreto will premiere at the UP film center on august 9, 2008, saturday.

So from today (JUne 30), there are three gay fims to look forward to:

* Kambyo -- premieres July 5 at the UP Film Institute/ Regular Run: July 9 at Robinsons Galleria

* SEB Cyber Games of Love

* Quickie

And for all those people wondering and whining about how come so many gay films are being produced nowadays. The obvious answer is that the gay population watch movies. They PAY ticket prices for FILIPINO produced films.

Why? because the Filipino gay men are no longer ashamed to claim their own sexuality and desires. Our identity has been compromised, our desires have been suppressed for the longest time. But not anymore.

And as long as filmmakers like Cris Pablo, Joselito Altarejos and this writer included are alive, the Filipino gay man's stories and desires will always be told and will never be silenced again.

Mabuhay ang Baklang Pelikulang Pilipino! (Long live to the Filipino gay movies!)


Ed said...

I agree Lex! These hypocrites just can't accept the fact that we have come of age as Filipino gay men. The typical pinoy crab mentality is working here. I salute you for starting a sort of "revolution" to open the hearts and the minds of the Filipino people thru your movies that yes we are a growing community and a force to reckon with.

May your tribe increase!

PS: I cant wait for Kambyo. I love Johnron. I truly enjoy the story of Ang Lihim ni Antonio, the acting was great too! Don't go the way of other indie moviemaker who's fond of showing the dirty and the ugly side of the country and it's people. They are so depressing and very negative to our image especially when seen by foreigners thinking our country is one whole big slum area and a shithole! I hope one day you can have all your movies available online where people like me who are abroad can buy them. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

wow!! new films. yung m2m coverboyz, direct to video ryt??? :-)

Straycat260 said...

Mabuhay ang Baklang Pelikulang Pilipino!