Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kambyo Presscon: One of The Boys is Gay?

Here are some photos I took during the presscon of Kambyo a while ago at Jayjay's restaurant in Timog. One of the female reporters naughtily insinuated that one of the actors are gay saying, "Ako may naamoy ako" (I can smell someone gay from one of these actors).

Who could that be? I have spent time with the "Kambyo boys", and I have not really sensed any "gay tendencies" from any of them.

This makes me remember that the original actor (a newcomer) we first tapped to play the role of Xavier, was an actual gay man whom I met through a friend. He could have been a very lucky gay man because his scenes would require him to have sex with Gabz del Rosario in three different situations! Must be a dream project for many gay men out there. Well, he was eventually replaced by a more experienced actor Harold Macasero since the role is quite challenging for a newbie.

Rayan Dulay being interviewed by GMA, ABS-CBN and Cinema One Staff

Harold Macasero on a table with press people. At the foreground in white shirt is entertainment editor and "Manay Po" screenwriter Dinno Erece

another TV interview

Rayan and Gabz del Rosario busy answering questions

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