Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kenji's Fan

Just like so many people writing me professing how much they have become a fan of Kenji Garcia after watching “Ang Lihim ni Antonio”, I admit, I’m also his fan.

Kenji (Rikiboy, in real life) is a natural actor whose face can ignite any scene within a frame. Aside from his talent, I’m a fan of Kenji, because unlike any other young men of his age (he’s about 20, now) he is very determined to succeed in his craft. He’s discipline in the set is impressive. He’s never late. And he has studied all his lines prior to his shoot.

I remember my acting teacher in University of the Philippines, the theater icon Behn Cervantes, once said that to become a good actor, one must be totally comfortable with his body. And Kenji was definitely comfortable with every inch of his skin despite his lanky frame and barely there muscles. He was able to be in his character with all his nakedness. That for me is a test of a good actor.

I really hope Kenji gets somewhere with his craft.

(Kenji Garcia is one of the stars of our upcoming digital film “Kambyo”)

Screenplay: Lex Bonife
Produced by: Viva Digital and Beyond the Box Productions
Direction: Joselito Altarejos


Anonymous said...

this may come as a little bit too late, but is he really gay in real life?

Anonymous said...

I only saw the film Lihim ni Antonio last night. It was really really beautiful. I am now an instant fan of the male lead. It was really beautiful. I hope to see more movies of Mr. Garcia. And I hope, like Antonio, I get to accept me for who I am.