Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Woman Likes It

Jennifer Lee in "Ang Lalake sa Parola" (photo courtesy of

Here's a reply from Karen, a Filipina from the US who likes gay films:

You're welcome, Lex!

I guess in your eyes, it's a bit strange for a Filipino woman to enjoy your films, since women in a Filipino society look down upon men being "feminine" in any way and that homosexuality is still looked upon as a sin in the Philippines, but I guess you can say that I even though I was raised in a Filipino background, I appreciated the homosexual lifestyle even though I'm straight because a lot of my friends are gay, and I accept and am proud for who they are. I just wish that the Philippines was as open as it is in parts of the US.

If I can be frank, your stories about homosexuality in the Philippines are a very beautiful thing, which is refreshing after having to see so many Filipino films with gay men being depicted in a stereotypical "crossed-dresser" with the lispy-overtly feminine accent (which, can be over the top, but can be somewhat true to a point), but at the same time, it degrades homosexuals as less than human, something to be laughed at, a complete joke. The characters you create are real, believable, dark and emotional, adding a lot of depth to the messages that are subliminally conveyed on the screen.

I apologize for the lengthy explanation, but I felt compelled to respond to your message...LOL



Salamat Karen at Mabuhay ka!



line of flight said...

its hard not to find Uncle Jonbert stimulating, man, woman, gay, straight.

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Anonymous said...

read this gory thread...


An honourary consul to the British High Commission in Jamaica was found brutally murdered in his Montego Bay home on Sep 9.

John Terry was found naked, wrapped in a bloody sheet, with a cord wrapped tightly around his neck. He had been brutally beaten in the head. There was reportedly a note left with Terry's body that read, "This is what will happen to all gays." It was signed by "Gay-Man." Police reported that Terry likely knew his assailant.

Terry lived in Jamaica since 1967 and was an honourary consul for 13 years. He became a member of the Order of the British Empire in 1982.

Jason Mcfarlane of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays says at least one of the members of his organisation knew Terry.

Based on the note that the press says was found and the contents of it, and the fact the person had time to sit and write it, it's really premeditated and clearly homophobia linked."

This is only the latest in a long string of eerily similar homophobic murders in Jamaica. In 2004 the semi-nude and butchered body of gay activist Brian Williamson was found in his New Kingston apartment. He was reportedly stabbed and chopped at more than 70 times with a machete. Eyewitnesses to the aftermath say his neighbours gathered to gawk and celebrate his death in the street outside his home. A young male newspaper vendor subsequently pleaded guilty to the killing.

In 2006 Jamaica's highest ranking trade official, Peter King, was found brutally murdered in his Kingston home. He was reportedly found naked with stab wounds to his upper chest. His throat was slashed and, according to several sources, his genitals had been hacked from his loins and stuffed in his mouth. A man was sentenced on a manslaughter charge in King's death earlier this year.