Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gym Guide: Golds Glorietta

model Akihiro Sato frequently works out at Gold's Gym Glorietta

Part 1

As a yoga teacher and eternally "trying hard" weight lifter, I have practically tried all the gyms around Metro Manila. Let me share with you some "gay" insights on some of the my most notable gyms around:

Gold's Gym Glorietta

This gym is one hot place to work out in. If you like sweating it out beside Akihiro Sato, Marc Nelson and almost all the hottie Brazilians around the city, this is the place to burn your calories. Besides, the free bath towel inside is so thin that it readily outlines every piece of manhood (even those is coma) hanging around the locker area. Oh, did I say they also have a boxing ring aside from nice equipment for cardio and weight training?

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Anonymous said...

join ako sa Glorietta, as long as they declare Ruffa Mae Q. persona non grata from the wet area and issue an exclusion order against her getting too close to Akihiro (my hero). LOL