Friday, February 24, 2012

Boylet Fund

This celebrity TV host was lecturing me on personal finances. And our topic was "Boylet Fund".

Boylet fund is entertainment budget allotted for fun experiences with men. It could be spent with dates or even payment for sexual services if that is your thing.

Now, if any of your men begin to ask for money outside of your usual agreement such as school loan or family emergency loan and you decide to give in to the request, the budget must be STRICTLY drawn against the boylet fund and not on your personal budget.

With this mindset, no gay man has to sacrifice his personal needs for the sake of his "boylet". And every time a guy asks for a loan, the gay man is always forced to ask himself "Am I willing to deplete my boylet fund just for one guy alone? Is he really worth it?"

What do you think of "boylet funds"?


Anonymous said...

I'll pay for a date but I will never pay for anything else.

Anonymous said...

I'm 27, straight-acting professional. I'm not very good-looking, so at this age, I always end up paying for love/sex/affection. I do set a "boylet fund" of a couple of thousand pesos from my monthly salary of 22 thousand pesos. As much as I would like to end this kind of lifestyle, it seems like I can't help it. That's one of the reasons why I'm working my ass of (literally and figuratively hahaha). Ang iniisip ko na lang, nakakatulong ako sa nangangailangan, tutal naman, pinipili ko ang mga "tinutulungan" ko. Would that qualify as "good karma"? :)