Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Naked White Guy in My Room

Part 2 of Russian College Hunk

The gorgeous guy from Moscow stripped naked beside my bed. The curtain-filtered Boracay sunlight shines on his fit yet juvenile built.

My hands reached for his chest and my lips started to feel his neck. But after a few seconds, my dream sex scene was not exactly ideal after all. 

My fingers sensed something funny on his chest. There was a lesion half the size of his nipple - dry, raised, red skin. I began to investigate further. And there were three smaller lesions right below his armpit. At that time, I wasn't sure of what to do. All I know is, lesions are common among HIV/ AIDS cases.

I knew I could be paranoid. But I didn't want to take chances. I also did not want to offend him by confronting him about his health. But if I suddenly stop and ask him to leave, I was thinking, what about Filipino hopitality? It was his first time in the Philippines and I didn't want to give him a bad experience.

Then, a nice strategy came up...

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

teh, Psoriasis ang nakita mong sakit ng afam! Hindi ito nakakahawa, infact may mga advocacy groups educating people about this disease! sayang ang nota biggy ba?

Anonymous said...

I think you made a prudent decision. Tc!