Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Russian College Hunk

Sometimes the universe will grant you one freaking lucky day to be in bed with a gorgeous hunk whom you would never expect to drop his pants in front of you.

I got mine one sunny day at the poolside of Patio Pacific in Boracay. I was waiting at the lounge chair when my Russian chatmate approached me. And I was surprised to see a young absolutely handsome white guy from Moscow standing in front me. And after the generic "hi-hello's", we decided it was best to spend the warm day inside my apartment in the island.

He was on vacation with his family. And he decided to meet me for some "fun".

And as soon as the door was locked, my visitor decided to show off his toned, white body. I walked towards him as my right hand reached for his chest.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

So pretty ni Lex, pabahagi po ng konti..:D.


Anonymous said...

Now besides planetromeo and downelink where can I chat with someone like that?

Anonymous said...

Where can I chat with someone like that? I mean I don't see people like that in planetromeo

johny said...

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