Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Roommate

Here's a letter from a young guy who is in love with his officemate/ roommate:

Hi Lex,

I'm a young electrical engineer. And I am bisexual. Though I must say that I'm more inclined to guys. Anyway... So I met this super duper nice and fit guy at our workplace who graduated at the same college as mine.  He's turning 30 this year. 

I think God made some moves. It's kinda a long story but we ended up living together in the same apartment room. Since we are staying together, my curiosity suddenly strikes. I checked up one of his phones. And I saw some interesting messages. Sweet texts from different guys. And one text from his close friend shocked me, "Goodluck on your new business/ bf/partner." There are still more messages that I haven't read. But to sum it all up, he may be gay... bisexual... or confused?

I mean at work he really looks/acts straight. He goes to the gym. And always says "Pre". In which I don't think are gauges if you're straight or not. Bottomline is, there's so much mystery that is covering him and he's so nice towards me that I'm slowly falling for him.

But here's the catch:
He's "courting" a girl at our office. But I notice he doesn't make those "big moves".
Based on the recent text messages from his phone, I think he's in a relationship with a guy?
I think he notices that I'm bi.
And I'm falling for him. I just don't know what to do. I know there are many things that are at risk. I dunno if he's okay with guys. I just don't wanna ruin everything between us.
I hope you could help me out Lex,

Big thanks,



Anonymous said...

Hey Adrian, meddling with one's phone is invasion of privacy. You should know your limits. If your really falling for this guy, tell him straight.

Anonymous said...

"Pare may problema ako e, inom tayo."

Pag may tama na kayo dumamoves ka na, pag nagrespond siya then bi siya. Now if you want to know if he's also into you, why not ask him subtly pag medyo tipsy na ka'yo. Go like this: "May baklang nakikipag-flirt sakin kanina, ang weird. Kung kaya bakla ka magugustuhan mo ko? haha".

This may be a little aggressive or unethical for some but at least you will get results. Although you have to consider that if you made advances, what if he's not bi or he's not into you? Paano yun? Blame it on the alcohol na lang?

Anonymous said...

Lex, did I just see you earlier at SM North EDSA?