Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gay Rape

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, there had been countless cases of Filipino gay men being raped in Saudi Arabia. Here is an excerpt from the article "What Gays Shoule Know Before Going to Saudi"

“The victims usually keep their shame to themselves and refuse to talk about their ordeal, so the abuses continue,” he said.

One common experience of gay OFWs is being lured by locals into having sex, which often degenerates into rape.

“Initially, [a gay OFW] may willingly accompany a local, especially a good-looking one, to have sex. But the situation turns to rape when the gay OFW realizes too late that he is being made to perform sexual acts that are against his will. If he resists, the disgruntled local can turn against him and go to the authorities, and the nightmare of being arrested and publicly shamed begins,” Ryan says.

If the OFW files a complaint, the local can turn the tables on him and claim that it was the OFW who “tempted him.” Such a claim can land the gay OFW behind bars and get him a prison sentence with 100 or more lashes. Homosexuality is a crime in Islamic law.

There are also times when gay OFWs are arrested by some policemen and end up getting sexually assaulted, claimed Ryan.



Dhon said...

OMG!really? i always wanted to go there but now i am having second thoughts

line of flight said...

very very sad.

Anonymous said...

gud day! lex, i just think that u're being bias. In ur article about gay victims in Saudi Arabia, y would u place as a banner their flag containing their belief?
You know, PLUs dont want to be discriminated and we must not also discriminate others by generalizing. Their flag contains the belief of all Muslims in the world, not only the Arab Muslims. That way, you are offending all the Muslims. So, if you please, remove that green picture as soon as possible. You are intelligent. I know u would understand.

Anonymous said...

I worked in Saudi Arabia for 5 years and yes the chance of rape among gays are high. Nonetheless, the other side to this story is that there are so many gay men who are taking risks by accepting invitations from Arab men if not luring Arab men (and get paid). mga luka luka kasi, hindi nag iisip.

What happens to a gay guy in Saudi Arabia depends on himself. Fact is that engaging in homosexual acts is a crime in that country so why still do it?

And if one can't really control his urge, then be very selective and keep it very private. GO with another pinoy. With loneliness and no women around most of the time, winner ang mga bakla! Hindi kailangan ng bayad, pipilahan ka pa. Ganda lang ang puhunan!