Friday, July 10, 2009

Dose is extended!

With the proliferation of "gay flicks" and adult films with "sexy men" as their unique selling proposition, it is refreshing to see a sincere film like Dose directed by Senedy Que.

Catch this gem while you can at Robinsons Galleria. Here's the announcement from the organizers of the screening:

"Because of its brave and original storyline, first-rate cast with their first rate performances, insistent public demand and its courageous expose interpretation on what happens behind closed doors between young gay boys and lonely grown men, Dose has become a movie that has set new standards in Philippine movie making.

Written and directed by award-winning screenplay writer Senedy H. Que, Dose, his directorial debut stars award-winning actors Yul Servo, Emilio Garcia and introduces Fritz Arvhie Chavez. It also stars one of a country's most accomplished stage actresses Irma Adlawan.

Dose is the tale of an unusual friendship between a lonely 12-year old queer boy and a grown gardener. Both forlorn individuals and living away from their loved ones, they strike an instant bond that lay their confidence with each other's company.
But when they get closer for comfort, their friendship leads to a closer bond that defies age…and gender!"

Thus reflecting its very catchy tagline "love knows no age or gender!"

As Cinema One celebrates its 15-years of leadership in local cinema cable viewing, catch Dose's extended run until July 14 at the IndiesSine of the Robinson's Galleria.

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line of flight said...

it almost feels like a taunt.