Thursday, July 23, 2009

Body Beautiful?

I was lifting weights a while ago at the gym. In the middle of my sixth set doing my shoulder press, I felt tired and weary from endless repetition of muscular contractions.

I examined myself closely in front of the mirror as I was doing my reps then I realized one glaring truth:

Ang kagandahan ko ay hindi nakasalalkay sa ganda ng aking katawan! (My beauty does not lie on the shape of my body)

And I dropped the weights and left the gym.

Of course, I am delusional every so often.


Anonymous said...

maraming maganda kay lex buenafe na higit pa sa kanyang katawan..alam ko yan...

louie cano

Pinoy Gay Guy Confidential said...

You are not delusional.

Beauty in the outside is NEVER more important than beuaty within.

We exert TOO MUCH effort to impress others and make ourselves desirable physically we hardly make any effort to make ourselves beautiful within.

I believe what we make ourselves deluded with is that people will love us ONLY if we are beautiful physically.

Alvin said...

hahaha....we are all entitled to believe what our minds tell us...even when our eyes sees in reality, the opposite.

line of flight said...

i agree with your epiphany, but you already have a nice body so where is the need for improvement.