Monday, July 20, 2009

What's Big Boy About?

Here's the synopsis of the film "Little Boy/ Big Boy"

A young gay professional, his lover, and his nephew. Three lives sewn together by fate.

Little Boy Big Boy tells the tale of the carefree soul of a freelance graphic artist, RAYMUND (Paolo Rivero), and how he is filled with doubts as he is suddenly confronted with the responsibility to look after his seven-year-old nephew, ZACK (Renz Valerio).

While taking care of his nephew, he meets a closeted young man named TIM (Douglas Robinson), and the two fall in love. He educates his new lover about the importance of accepting oneself, especially at a time when prejudice against gays is still accepted as the norm. The film also tackles opposing views on fidelity in the homosexual set-up. And it shows a gay man’s capacity to nurture; and how the homosexual is not just an organism of pleasure, but also a catalyst for unconditional love.

Under the direction of Joselito Altarej√≥s and the pen of Lex Bonife, Little Boy Big Boy is a realist window on the lives of many young Filipino gay men today. How they’ve come a long way, and how they’re slowly getting there.

It stars Paolo Rivero as Raymund, Douglas Robinson as Tim, and Renz Valerio as Zach.

Join us at the premere night of "Little Big Boy"

July 30, Thursday
630 PM Meet & Greet: Cast, Director and the Writer
730 PM: Screening
Cinema 5, Robinsons Galleria


Dhon said...

ii love the line...

"homosexual are not just an organism of pleasure, but also a catalyst for unconditional love"

savante said...

Sounds like a great movie :) Now to wait for the english subs!