Monday, July 6, 2009

Writing "Laruang Lalake"

I might miss out on blog posts for the next few days as I am currently busy writing my new screenplay for the direction of Joselito Altarejos, "Laruang Lalake" (Boy Toys).

My goal in writing this story is to come up with what probably is our most "despicable" and most "atrocious" gay film.

I'll hope I'll be done on Sunday. And please don't forget the premier of "Little Boy/ Big Boy" this July at the Robinsons Galleria


Anonymous said...

I just hope the story will have a redemption at the end no matter how atrocious and despicable this screenplay will be. I really like to see a non tragic end to your next one.

line of flight said...

despicable sounds so moral. despicable to who?

Den Relojo said...

Are you done with "Laruang Lalake"?