Friday, July 31, 2009

Miong 21's Big Boy Experience

Popular Gay Filipino Blogger Miong 21 writes about his experience at the invitational premiere of "Little Boy/ Big Boy" last night.

"Just saw "Little Boy/Big Boy" on its special premiere last night at the Robinson's Galleria with the whole cast (the child actor was not allowed to watch it of course) and crew including the director Jay Alterejos and screenwriter Lex Bonife (who provided me 2 premiere tickets for the movie, thanks Lex! Loved your cameo appearance!).

That was the first time I saw Lex in person, second for Mr. Alterejos. Mr. Danton Remoto was also there to introduce Direk Jay. The movie was great, in my own opinion. I don't have any background or experience in film directing or production but I can say the film was a great improvement from past films (Parola, Lihim & Kambyo) in terms of cinematography, sound, musical score & most especially and importantly the acting. Not that those previous films lacks in any of those categories."

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Little Boy/ Big Boy is showing on August 5 at selected Robinsons Cinemas


Pinoy Gay Guy Confidential said...

Hi Lex. Thanks for the ticket. I mimic what Miong commented about the movie, in terms of production, your team has greatly improved. Praises to you, Jay and the rest of your collaborators. I will post my experience in blog a little later. Just wanted to thank you for the chance to view the movie. :D

line of flight said...

excited yet totally sad that I missed it.

Miong21 said...

Woah! Thanks Lex! Yep, your best movie so far! Was really touched by this one.