Friday, July 10, 2009

How to Upstage Lea Salonga and Charice

I'm a big fan of Lea Salonga. And it was such a treat to see her perform with another internationally successful singer, Charice.

But as I was watching this clip from Asap, something irritating caught my attention.

Watch closely in the middle of the clip how Gary V begins to upstage the two performers. At a particular part of the song "Man in the Mirror", while Lea and Charice were closing their eyes as they focus on giving a solid vocal performance, Gary V begins to burst into Michael Jackson moves throwing his hands and hips in front of the two international stars making the ladies look like they were just his backup singers.


iFred said...

saw this too and i think its f$%#@ annoying! you dont upstage a lea salonga.. hehe! even performing with other foreign artists abroad lea's stage presence is just incomparable.

Anonymous said...

charice and lea together is an absolute delight! every inch the professionals, lea and charice sang beautifully, their voices blending well. charice didn't try to upstage lea, and vice versa. but gary? maybe he got carried away but it was a terrible, even embarrassing sight!