Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arrest for Unprotected Sex?

Under Canadian law it is a criminal offense for anyone with HIV not to disclose their status before engaging in unprotected sex. About 80 charges arrests have been made over the past decade by the police.

Many civilians are critical of this law citing that the law could threaten people from getting tested. But according to Dr. Philip Berger, an associate professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto HIV positive people must be held accountable if they deliberately infect someone else.

Do you think such law must also be applied in our country?


Herbs D. said...

here! here! though this means everyone has to get tested. malaking porsyento rin ang hindi nakakaalam na meron pala sila ng HIV

line of flight said...

i think this aims more at people who have HIV and disregard the health of others (reminds me of the late Michel Foucault). i don't think most people will ignore testing in fear of having to disclose their HIV status.

of course, on the other hand, criminalizing conduct is just one more way for the elite in society to manage the poor.

Anonymous said...

How is that law again? Why should we imitate a law which is ridiculous in the first place? Does it require all its citizens to get tested with aids every now and then? Oh my, what a paranoid society! Why punish somebody who may not even know that he or she is infected with aids? Is the law any solution to the problem? No, dearie dear. Why punish somebody whom you had consensual sex with? If you've been raped, it's no longer consensual and it's a different matter. The lesson is that we should never have sex with just anybody whom we do not know. We should face the consequences of all our actions. Period.

boy dude said...

If the law permits we have to follow. First people should be educated about people with HIV. Yung stigma kasi talaga ay mas nakakaapekto sa taong meron nito. Di ba kawawa lahat ay pangingilagan ka. They can still enjoy the fruits of this world can offer but they have to protect their partners as well. We must give full sympathy to this people by understanding their situation.

Anonymous said...


LAWS...keep the populace civil. until there is an antidote or a functional treatment for AIDS, then laws to prevent transmission of pandemic proportion are a MUST.

but ironically legislation and implementation are two opposing factors of good public administration. good laws are not implemented due to legal challenges or financial considerations.

in a country nearing a population of 100M. and the majority without or little avail to proper up-to-date healthcare, it is highly important that Pinas submit to, as one remedial protection against a sizeable AIDS epedemic, legislation and penology.

prayers are emotional make/feel good pseudo alternative. but abstinence, condoms and laws are the best defences...SO FAR.

Anonymous said...

hindi ba it's better if we're all required to get tested? that way, wala nang stigma attached to people getting tested.

all of us should be held aacountable for anything we do that puts others at risk without their knowledge. matanong ko kayo...do you like the idea of having sex with a person who probably is infected?