Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Campus Crush This Week

Queeriosity Project presents "Campus Crush" showing this December 9, Wednsedayday at Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Roben Cinema, Quiapo, Remar Cinema Cubao, Colon cinema Cebu, Isetann Cinema Recto.

This pink film stars Joeffrey Javier and introduces Arjay Carreon.


Alex said...

Hi Lex,

Before I go to the main issue I want to raise with this comment, let me say first that I am really appreciative of Queeriosity with its drive and campaign in producing pink films, albeit, mostly direct to video and of the short film genre.

Now to the main point. I know that you have explained this to me already before and I do understand what you said about the challenges that film makers (both straight and gay) have with the MTRCB.

Now having said that and my earlier commendation to Queeriosity, I do have a contradicting comment for them. The films that they produce, sorry to say, I have to be frank with my comment, but they stink. I know that they are not after a film academy nomination, whether local or foreign. I know that they have budgetary constraints.

But really, have you seen the videos that they have produced? To be fair, why don't you make an informal poll from your readers on what their thoughts are as far as the videos of Queeriosity is concerned?

If they are only after the prurient interest of the gay viewers, I cannot say that the videos were able to do it. Are they after eliciting deep thoughts from the gay viewers on their presentation of gay themed videos? Again, I don't see it happening.

I am not trying to be bitchy about the matter but sadly, for someone who is in the forefront of promoting for the rights of gay people plus a film writer too, I am hoping that you will also understand where I am coming from with this comment.

Thank you for the space as usual.



Anonymous said...

LET'S summarize what Alex said :



(sorry enough said, i shall be brutally loathsome if i spill out more words, as i've done in the past).

Anonymous said...

Alex, I'm with you on this. I watched this film yesterday and I was rolling my eyes to no end because everything in the film is rubbish. The character of the supposedly rich guy is just ridiculous. Acting is hideous. Why can't they make a sensible film?

Anonymous said...

as i always sed,..this kind of movies r intended lang tlaga foe fun ,for gay pipol,...pero sana man lang...if gagawa kayo ng pang pasttime movies lang na ganito,..gawa na lang kayo ng porno,...tutla,.pili lang naman na sinehan ang pinapalabas ito diba???kase,.mabibitin lang ang mga gays,...still,.a lot of gays wana see the SAGWAN UNCUTE VERSION at sana may part 2 na tlagang hataw pa,....ok lang sana e,..kaya lang if gagawa kayo ng mga ganitong movies lang...b sure,..may tapang tlaga at true!!!!pero,.wag ipalalabas as commerciallly,.....madami palang gays na di maka avail ng mga gay movies na ganito na nagwowork sa mIDDLE EAST so,.sana mag provide ng more link para ma idownload na lang mga movies na ganito,..pls...