Saturday, December 5, 2009

Letter from a Filmmaker


My name is Vince Fesalbon. I'm an American-born Filipino filmmaker living in Seattle, USA. I just rented and watched your "Antonio's Secret" feature. I was extremely impressed! Your screenplay is awesome! There is so much depth and intelligence in your indie film. I look forward to seeing your other films, and hope you continue to pursue writing/directing. I would love to see more Filipino films in American indie theatres, especially films of your quality. I'm proud to see some substantive material being produced in the Philippines!


P.S. I have some of my short films on Youtube if you wanna check them out. I don't have my gay feature on the Internet at this time, however, which played at the 2005 Seattle Gay/Lesbian Film Festival.


Hi Vince,

I am glad to know that you liked the film. I'll be happy to see some of your works especially your gay short films.

There are many other talented writers/ filmmakers that you should try as well. Try to get copies of the works of Aureus Solito, Ronaldo Bertubin and Senedy Que (Dose). I hope you can explore Philippine cinema. We have a lot of cinematic gems in this country.

Unfortunately, I can't be too active in indie cinema since work in this industry isn't exactly financially rewarding.

Hope to hear from you again.


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Anonymous said...

ok ang screenplay and everything pero.,..yung tema at dating ng movie ay di tlaga pang commercial na movies,.....well....buti na man sa america at europa ,.pweding maka pag rent ng movies na ganito??pano yung mga nasa middle east,..dapat tlaga ,.may link..hehe..o sa u tube na lang upload nila..